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Butterfly mind is where all the things I have created that do not have a home end up...Tony  (he of the Butterfly Mind)

Code snippets

Bits of code in various programming languages


Musings on life, ASD, getting older and allsorts of other stuff


Worksheet on a variety of subjects free to use.

Welcome to The Butterfly Mind

This website is a home for a mishmash of things that I have created over the last few years that have not found a home elsewhere. A lot of the items available on this site have come into being while teaching my 4 children at home 3 of whom have ASD and struggled in a normal school environment.

Looking around you will find all sorts of things from small bits of software to tutorials and worksheets, puzzles and ramblings. My hope is that some people may find some of the stuff useful or even interesting, if you do find something you like and find it useful please let me know ( it really does my ego good) .

All the downloadable content on the site is under the following license unless otherwise stated on the items download page.

Please look around and enjoy. Tony (the butterfly minded oldish geek)